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The property was originally a logging home, built in the 1920s. Men gathered around our eye-catching fireplace to stay warm during the mountain winters.

Later, the first dentist of Jackson County lived on the property and raised three daughters.

In recent decades, descendants of the creator of the iconic Raggedy Ann doll had a store and museum here. A collection of Raggedy Ann & Andy memorabilia is on display in the store as a connection to the history of the place.

When Valerie Walker, owner of Town & Country, purchased the property, it was her desire to preserve the history of the place. After discovering that the building wasn't salvageable, she went to great lengths to keep the original chimney as part of her country store. As a result, the stone chimney and fireplace you'll see when you walk through the front door of Town & Country remains as a testament to what once was.

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